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BOM Chapter Headings

This script connects to to download all the chapter headings in the Book of Mormon. I did this to help me try to memorize them - a goal that may never be fulfilled :).

Instructions: Just run the script by double clicking the .exe file (I've attached the actual Perl script for advanced users) and wait for it to download. A file will be created in the same location as the script called "headings.txt".




Instructions for Converting Text File to MarkMyScriptures Format

  1. Download MakeMyScriptures from & Run Install.
  2. Once you have installed it, open MakeMyScriptures (it will most likely be located in C:\Program Files\MakeMyScriptures)
  3. On the first screen select the source. This would be the headings.txt file that was creted from the script. Click [Next >>].
  4. Give the document a title and Click [Next >>].
  5. Enter a sequence number. '123' should work fine if you're not sure what to put here. Click [Next >>].
  6. I've created the script so you can use all the default settings. If your screen looks like this, click [Next >>].
  7. Again, use the defaults for the chapters and click [Next >>].
  8. You can also use the defaults for the verses... Click [Next >>].
  9. Click the button to generate the file.
  10. You should see something similar to this... Click [Next >>].
  11. Select your HotSync ID to download to and click [OK] to finish.

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