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About MyWard

MyWard is a Windows based MIS & MLS (as of version 1.5) data conversion utility to help LDS church leadership have access to ward member information in HTML format and, in turn, to carry that information with them on handheld devices.

In order to use MyWard you will need either 1) access to the MIS exported data files. These can be found on menu 3.7.3. Just use the default options to save MEMOUT.DAT, HTVTOUT.DAT, and ORGOUT.DAT. Or 2) Access to the MLS exported CSV files named Membership.csv, Organization.csv, HomeTeaching.csv, and VisitingTeaching.csv.

* It is also very important that you obtain your bishop's permission before downloading these data files from MIS/MLS as they contain confidential member information.

MyWard has the ability to generate simple ward directories - much like the printed phone directories - for any member in the ward to use. It also has the ability to generate more detailed directories that contain membership numbers, home & visiting teaching information, callings, etc.

Although MyWard was designed to generate html files, the main purpose was to create files that could be read on PDAs. You can set up MyWard to automatically create file formats for iSilo, Plucker, and YanCEyWare formats. Both iSilo and Plucker formats can be read across platforms (i.e. Pocket PC and Palm OS).

Let's say you are a ward clerk and you own a Pocket PC. You prefer to read most of your documents in Vade-Mecum (Plucker format). Your bishop uses a Palm and prefers to read documents using iSilo. The first counselor uses a Sony Clie - also a Palm OS device - and prefers to read documents in Plucker. The second counselor owns a Pocket PC and prefers to read documents in YanCEyWare. And last but not least the Elders quorum president has a Sharp Zaurus and has inquired if you know of any way to get home teaching information in a readable format for him. Everyone in the wants to be able to access ward information in their handhelds and have it updated monthly.

You as the ward clerk have volunteered to get this information. Each month you download the latest MIS data files and convert it twice 1) Include sensitive information, convert to iSilo (for the bishop), Plucker (for yourself and the first counselor), and YanCEyWare (for the second counselor). 2) Do not include sensitive information and visiting teaching, convert to Plucker format to be read on OpieReader for the Zaurus! Viola! You can either beam these files to everyone or just collect their emails and sent them the converted files.

Other Example scenarios of using MyWard:

  • You are an Elders quorum president and you are sitting in PEC. The bishop asks "Who home teaches the Smith family?" You quickly open MyWard on your PDA, go to the directory, tap the Smith family and say, "Brother Johnson and Brother Davis".

  • You wife is the Relief Society President and after much "Gentle Persuasion" you agree to help her deliver many little - well Relief Society stuff - to sisters doorsteps. Neither of you have the whole ward memorized so you grab your PDA too look up addresses in MyWard as you drive around looking for them. (Sorry, no GPS included :)

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