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I've created a new User Guide which have be viewed in HTML format here, or in Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

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Using Plucker

Plucker is a free open source reader for the Palm OS. It has since been ported to Pocket PC and Sharp Zaurus. I recommend using JPluck X as this is the application that is built in to MyWard.

  1. Down load the latest version of JPluck from for your platform.
    (*NOTE: There are two options for Windows. If you are unsure whether or not you have the latest version of the Java runtime environment then choose the second Windows install link!)
  2. Install JPluck. (Email me if you have any problems with this step)
  3. Open JPluck X. From the menu select File -> Preferences.
  4. On the Documents tab, select you desired destination for converted documents.
    1. For Palm OS I recommend HotSync
    2. For Pocket PC if you have folder that automatically syncs files, I recommend using it.

    Click OK when finished

  5. Install the Plucker reader on your device.
    1. For Palm OS there should be a folder included in your JPluck installation called "Plucker 1.6.1" (Or whatever the latest version is). Inside this folder there is two files: 1) viewer_en.prc and 2) SysZLib.prc. HotSync these to your device.
    2. For Pocket PC you will need to install Vade-Mecum. You can find the latest download at
    3. For Sharp Zaurus and other Linux based PDAs, You will need to download OpieReader at
  6. Set up MyWard to use JPluck by going to Tools -> Settings. Select "Convert to Plucker format". Make sure the path is correctly mapped to jpluckc.exe.

That's it. If you have any problems with these steps, please send me an email.

Using YanCEyWare

  1. In MyWard, from the menu option, select Tools --> Settings and make sure "Convert to YanCEyWare Reader Format (.ybk)" is selected and click the [Save] button.
  2. Select your desired output options on the main screen and run the conversion tool.
  3. After the files are created there should be a file named MyWard.ybk in your specified output folder. Place this document in your specified library folder with all your other .ybk files on your Pocket PC. See for more help on this step.

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you tend to create different files for different people, you can save batch files create by the Windows application. For example. Say I create a ward list for the bishop you prefers to use iSilo. He likes it to be formatted with tables and include all the information possible. I also create a directory for the young women president who only wants a ward directory formatted without tables and converted to Plucker format. And last I want one for myself in YanCEyWare format. I would use MyWard to select each of the options. After pressing the convert button, a file is created called MyWard.bat (usually located in C:\Program Files\MyWard). I would just rename this to a more descriptive name. For example, after running the first conversion I would rename MyWard.bat to "MyWard-iSilo-Sensitive.bat". I'd rename the second conversion to "MyWard-Plucker-DirectoryOnly.bat" and the third conversion to "MyWard-YanCEyWare-Custom.bat". As long as you are consistent with where you load your latest MIS .DAT files you can just double-click these batch files to create your new updated files!

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