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Welcome to MyWard version 1.7

Please visit for latest release information.

About MyWard:
MyWard allows you to convert exported MIS .DAT files and MLS .csv to html format for easy to view and navigate information. Those in leadership position (i.e. Bishopric, Presidencies) should find this quite useful for meetings and general calling use. The html documents produced can be converted to PDA format (As is the whole intention of this application). Below is list of possible applications that can be used.

The demo version is fully functional. It creates a "nag" message at the top of each screen.

        - Any HTML Browser
            - Internet Explorer
            - Mozilla
            - Netscape
            - AOL
            - Etc.
    Palm OS:
        - iSilo (
        - Plucker (
        - **AvantGo

    Pocket PC:
        - Internet Explorer
        - iSilo (
        - Vade Mecum [Plucker] (
        - YanCEyWare (.ybk format!)
        - **AvantGo
    Sharp Zaurus
        - OpieReader [Plucker] (

** As far as I am aware, AvantGo can only convert online web pages. Due to the confidential nature of ward data I highly recommend you do NOT use this method.

To Install MyWard simply run Setup.Exe.

You will first need to obtain the .DAT files or .csv from your ward computer. To do get MIS files, go to option 3.7.3 and select all the default options. You should then have files name MEMOUT.DAT, HTVTOUT.DAT, ORGOUT.DAT.

MyWard.exe and MyWard.bat both call MyWardScript.exe - which does all the work. To run MyWard.exe you will need the latest Microsoft .NET framework installed. If you have any questions/comments, please submit them at or send an email to and I will start compiling documentation according to feedback I get.

If you wish to beam MyWard data to other PDA users you may have to install 3rd party applications such as iSilo, Plucker or YanCEyWare. With iSilo and Plucker you can beam accross platforms (Pocket PC <--> Palm OS).

This software is provided as is. Run at your own risk. I am not responsible for adverse affects to your hardware or software by downloading, installing or running this application.

If you find any of the ads displayed above offensive, please contact me with the URL of the ad in question.
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