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Install instructions

Go to , click on "Download" in the left menu and download the self-extraction zip file
You should then get a window similar to this asking you whether you would like to Open or Save the file. Choose [Save].
Note where you save it to. It is easiest to save it to your desktop.
Once the file has been downloaded, find the file and double-click to open it.
You will first see a window like this.  Click the [Browse] button to select where you would like the file to be extracted.
Again select somewhere you feel will be easy enough to find like your desktop and press [OK].
Now press [Unzip] to extract the file to a folder.
You should get a confirmation window...

Click [OK] and then [Close] the WinZip extractor window.

Now you should have a folder on your desktop (or wherever you chose to extract to) that contains the files you need to install on your palm.
These are the files you will need to install on your palm.

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