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LDS PDA Related Sites (7)
  • Apps By Aaron - LDS Freeware for Palm OS
  • Latter-day Blog - My LDS related blogs.
  • LDS-Palm Yahoo Group - Focuses on LDS resources and ways to use your Palm to improve your church and family life
  • - Handheld content available on
  • - LDS related Palm & PocketPC software downloads, links, forum, articles and reviews
  • My Palm Page - My personal Palm OS page with a few tips and walk-throughs
  • Palm LDS - Palm LDS Resources
Other Sites of Interest (3)
  • LDS Teach - Home and visiting teaching resources
  • My Personal Blog - My Personal Blog Spot - Everybody's doing it these days :)
  • My Portfolio - Here are some other projects I've worked on, in case you were curious :)

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