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HVTracker Features...
  • Store all your home or visiting teaching families (*Demo only stores two families)
    • One screen for generic family information (Name, phone, address, notes)
    • One screen for family information (Father, Mother, Children)
    • Plenty of room for additional notes and information such as adding birthdates/ages next to names.
  • Phone numbers are displayed on main screen for quick reference
  • Secure confidential information with unique date or password
  • Separate screens for Companion and Home/Visiting teacher coordinator contact information
  • Track visit dates and times, add notes for each visit
  • Export visit notes to memo
  • Copy/Paste Capabilities
  • Main screen reminds of number of days remaining in the month
  • Check marks display whether or not you have set up your monthly appointments and made your monthly visits
  • Set up appointment in your date book application through HVTracker
  • Generate visit report and export to memo
  • Add ToDo items each month (either one to set all appointments or one per family)

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