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  • 1.7 - 06/14/2002
    • Stores month and prompts on new month to add ToDo items
    • Added menu shortcuts
    • Added ToDo preferences
    • Added shortcut to create new ToDo items
  • 1.6 - 05/28/2002
    • Prompt for date and time when adding apt
    • Added wait message while appointment is being added to calendar
    • Increased Visits Note field to 600 characters
    • Enabled shortcuts for copy and paste functions
    • Added Preferences in main drop-down. Allows you to set default for appointments
    • Enhances add Appointment to datebook feature
    • Ability to generate visit report (from drop-down on main screen)
    • Visit is added to visit database when appointment is added to datebook
  • 1.5 - 05/22/2002
    • Only displayed applicable "Appointment Set" and "Visited" checkboxes
    • Checkboxes are now associated with family (supported up to 10 families)
    • Enlarged list box and added extra set of check boxes
    • Fixed bug of checks not being saved on exit
    • Pressing A check box prompts to enter apt in datebook (takes up to 20 sec to add)
    • Pressing V check box prompts to enter visit information
  • See ReadMe file for previous version updates.

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