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Main Screen


At the top of the screen you will see a pop-up trigger. Here you can select a decision you need to make or create a new one. Selecting "Edit Decisions..." will take you to the Decisions to Make Screen.

There are two list boxes. The one on the left is for pros and the one on the right is for cons.  Above each list box you can give a more detailed description of the pros or cons.

At the bottom of the screen is and input field. Here you list the pro or con and tap either the [Pro+] button or [Con-] button to add it to the associated list box. The trigger buttons numbered 1...5 are for putting weights to the pros or cons. In the screenshot above, Price was a bigger issue so I gave it a value of 3, while Looks was not so important so it was given a value of 1.

The [Remove] button will remove the selected pro or con, and the [?] button will give you more information if it does not all fit in the list box as seen in screenshot 3.

Menu Options


By tapping on the title bar or the dropdown button on the silkscreen you can access the menu bar. Under "Decide -> What should I do?" this will calculate your pros and cons and the weights that you entered to give you an educated SUGGESTION and which decision to make.

About Pros & Cons will display the About Screen.

Decisions to Make

Here is where you enter the decisions you have to make. I've never tested the amount of decisions it can handle so if someone runs into a problem let me know.

The list box contains all the decision you have entered. To enter a new decision, type in the name or description on the bottom line and press the [Add] button. To remove a decision highlight it from the list and tap the [Remove] button. To edit the name or description of the decision highlight it and press the [Edit] button. Tap [OK] to return to the Main Screen.

About Screen

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